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Founder's Story

As a part-time professional caddie, Patrick Le Vine needed a towel that would perform for 18 holes. He looked everywhere for properly sized towels with adequate absorption. The best towels available were only at certain hotels (white towel w/blue or green stripe), which he sought out while on tour. In an attempt to give athletes the perfect towel for high performance, he decided to create his own. Input was received from tour caddies, tour players and top amateurs. The result was a product perfect for cleaning clubs, balls and other equipment to promote better play, yet gentle enough to clean your glasses. Players Towel was launched!

Patrick got his towels into the hands of players and caddies he knew and they loved the towel so much, many insisted on using only Players Towel. It even became a good luck charm for some of those pros. Used by the game's top players, Players Towel has been seen on the winner's bag in all the major golf tours including: the U.S. Open, The Masters, The PGA Championship, WGC Championship, Evian Masters and the PGA and LPGA Tour Championships.

Players Towel is constantly innovating and only utilizing the highest quality materials so they can consistently provide the best possible sports towel.

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About the Towel

Create the best sports experience with the best sports towel.

Players Towel always performs well so you can stay at the top of your game. Its unique weave pattern holds more than 300 times its weight in water, making it more effective at cleaning ridges and retaining moisture than any other towel on the market. The Players Towel microfiber technology picks up dirt and moisture and holds it within the cloth, resulting in a cleaner, drier surface and enhanced player performance.

The Players Towel can be personalized with custom logos, signatures, colors and an optional putter slit, and most orders can be shipped within 24 hours. Beginning with golf and growing to be the go-to towel in tennis and bowling, Players Towel is the top choice of some of the world's best athletes for superior absorption and unsurpassed cleaning.

Order your personalized, custom designed towel and see why so many pros are choosing Players Towel.

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